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Finding Exceptionalism

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With the devastation of September 11, 2001, the world had little understanding of the road ahead. Life was sure to change but in what ways were unclear. Politics at home and abroad changed, the economy changed, security changed, conversation changed, priorities changed.

Terrorism took the international stage. Things changed.

But what hasn’t changed is the commitment to America from the men and women fighting for freedom. Our military heros rise every day with their life in tow remembering JFK, and ask “How can I serve my country?”. That’s exceptional. … [more]

Helping Where We Can

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When devastating tornadoes in eastern North Carolina touched down on April 17, 2011, ProSol employees and PS Charities sprang into action. A group of volunteers, led by Maegan Williams (who is VERY awesome!), along with PS Charities, helped displaced citizens and also coordinated with local merchants in the area to provide almost $20,000 worth of new furniture and other housing goods. There is still a lot of work to be done. … [more]

Raising Money the Happy Hour Way

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Last Friday, PS Charities hosted a happy hour in Arlington at The Front Page Bar and Restaurant in support of two teams participating in May’s Race for Hope – DC. The race is the largest fundraiser supporting the Brain Cancer community, and takes place every year in DC. This year nearly $2 Million dollars have been raised on pace for a record high. … [more]

Building a House

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Let me start by mentioning that this event would not have been possible without enormous effort from our lead volunteer Michelle Rademacher and all of the other PS Charities volunteers. Two hours before the event started, the volunteers gathered at the Harbor Site in Sneads Ferry, NC to finish setting up everything for the event.  The owner of the location was gracious enough to not only allow us to use his establishment but also contributed to the selling of numerous raffle tickets and much more.  It was great to know that before the event had even started many people that could not attend had already purchases tickets, become home builders and made donations online.  Donations for raffle items such as two guns, hotel and restaurant certificates, and many other raffle prizes that were used to create a great incentive for people to buy raffle tickets. At the event people also had other options to contribute to the event like: … [more]