LuAnn Dean

President & Founder

LuAnn is the President and Founder of PS Charities. Her husband is a retired Marine Officer, and she is a proud breast cancer survivor. Along with PS Charities, she is the President of Professional Solutions (ProSol) a defense contracting company based out of Alexandria, Virginia.

The experiences she had while undergoing chemotherapy treatments is one of the driving forces behind her decision to found PS Charities and focus on the patients rather than research. The typical financial expenses do not stop occurring when you have cancer; instead they pile up under the medical bills. LuAnn is adamant about making sure the money this organization raises goes straight to the patients to assist their financial needs.

After spending 21 years as a Marine Corps wife, she had first-hand experience with the cultural support that comes from a life within the military community. Through PS Charities, she hopes to continue to serve those that serve us by providing support to military members and their families.

As the President and Founder of PS Charities, it is her goal to work hand in hand with other charitable organizations to make a positive difference in the lives of those affected by cancer and to provide support to our Nations military and their families.

Michael E. Dean

Vice President

Michael E. Dean is CEO of ProSol Associates, and Vice President for PS Charities. ProSol Associates was founded in 2008 in the pursuit of building a company that thrives on customer first environment.

An accomplished entrepreneur, he holds a special place in his heart for philanthropy. Raised in a Marine Corps family, he is passionate about supporting military members and their loved ones. As the son of a breast cancer survivor, he is an avid supporter of those who have been affected by cancer, and bringing awareness to a patients’ needs.

As Vice President of this organization, Michael hopes to help PS Charities reach a global network as it starts to grow. His goal is to “never forget who is most important in our lives…family, friends and the rest of humanity.”

Jacquie Rachal

Board Member

Jacquie is the Accounting Manager at Professional Solutions. She supports the company’s financial operations, and provides an analysis of monthly financial reports while working remotely from Tampa, Florida.

She was raised a Marine brat, married a Marine, and is the proud parent of a Marine. As a Marine Wife she served as a Key Volunteer Coordinator to help the families while their loved ones were deployed. She simply believes in working to make a difference in others lives. As it is easy to see why she supports the families of our Nations warriors, she also believes that cancer can touch a life in more ways than one. She is passionate about helping patients cope while fighting such a horrific disease.

Jacquie wants to help PS Charities expand its’ niche in the local community. She believes “we can become an organization that fosters community awareness for our military families and cancer patients.”

Kyle Mitchell

Board Member

Kyle lives in Wilmington, NC and is employed as a Financial Advisor with Edward Jones Investments. After attending East Carolina University Kyle landed with Hyatt Resorts spending several years in Key West and Colorado before returning home to North Carolina. Kyle’s Grandfather retired from the Marine Corp, at Camp Lejeune, after serving in WWII.

Kyle is proud to be a part of PS Charities because it supports military families, including local families in the Top Sail areas. Kyle believes military families make one of the greatest sacrifices everyday by supporting their loved ones who diligently serve to protect our country. While there is no way to repay the members of the military and their families for the commitment they uphold, PS Charities leads by example by supporting this important cause.

Mark Woodward

Board Member

Mark Woodward is a financial advisor and a principal for Blue Ocean Partners, LLC in Vienna, VA. Mark attended Texas A&M University and after college spent eight years in the Army serving as a combat engineer and then as a Special Forces sniper during Desert Shield/Desert Storm as well as in Bosnia, Rwanda, Somalia and other areas of the world.

Mark is passionate about serving the causes of PS Charities because he has seen firsthand the devastating impact of war and prolonged deployments on our troops and their families mentally, financially, physically and psychologically. Mark and his wife Sara also decided to become involved given her experience with loss and sickness due to cancer.

Board Members