Urban Challenge

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The Urban Challenge is the race where smarts can beat speed. It is part trivia, part photo hunt, part mental and physical challenges, and all fun. Think of it as a 1-day Amazing Race. Teams of 2-4 solve a set of clues to find checkpoints where they must take photos or perform dares in a race to the finish. You may call smart friends or use your smart phones for help solving clues. It is up to you to figure out the best order to complete your checkpoints. For the checkpoints that mention a dare, you must check in with the Urban Challenge official, accomplish your task, and get your passport stamped before moving on. On checkpoints that mention a photo, you must get a photo with both team members to show you were both there. This is a team race; you must be together throughout the race. Dares range from scaling a climbing wall, completing a puzzle or eating something (things people like, not bugs). You may walk or run to get to checkpoints. Are you ready for the challenge?