Dr. Christine Teal featured on Good Morning America and The Washingtonian

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Dr. Christine Teal, Chief of Surgery, and Director of the Breast Care Center at George Washington Hospital, was featured on Good Morning America in early June of 2011. In the interview, Dr. Teal reveals her motivation behind undergoing a double mastectomy, even though she had no trace of cancer in her breasts. After her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time, and learning that her great-aunt had died of the destructive cancer, Teal took matters into her own hands. In January of 2011, Teal went through with her scheduled double mastectomy. This procedure led her to the same path that many of her patients must face. In doing so, Teal describes that in her journey she gained a newfound respect for all that her patients must undergo.

Last month’s issue of The Washingtonian also featured Dr. Teal. The article not only covered her amazing journey of the double mastectomy but also tapped into her life as a mother, a surgeon, and an extremely influential advocate for breast cancer awareness. Teal’s intimate details of her endeavor were highlighted; from the start of her career as a medical student all the way to the turning point in the crucial decision to follow through with the double mastectomy.

Dr. Teal has been the surgeon and the patient, the supporter and the supported, but most importantly she has been a philanthropist. In collaboration with the GW Breast Care Center, Teal supports PS Charities at our Silent Auction and Casino Night to raise money for the women and the families affected by breast cancer. Teal’s outreach for breast cancer awareness has been monumental in not only the D.C. community but also growing nation wide. It is our hope that with Teal’s well deserved recognition, and PS Charities alliance with the GW Breast Care Center, we too can grow to become a nation wide effort in supporting those affected by breast cancer.